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Grooming Salon

We provide high quality styling services for the beauty and wellness of your dog. Our full-service styling salons and spas use highest quality natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable products for all your dog’s grooming treatments. During your dog’s salon stay, our experienced groomers and staff are on hand to attend to the unique requirements of your dog so as to ensure a soothing and relaxing experience for your pup.

In addition to Healthy Spot’s complete Spa Packages, we offer a menu of a la carte services ranging from moisturizing paw rub to nail trimming and nail grinding.

Regular grooming helps keep your loved one clean, refreshed, and healthy. Select from one our signature spa treatments, or add on specialty packages for relaxation beyond your dog’s expectations!

We strive for the best, and for two years running, Healthy Spot has been awarded “Best Grooming” in the Los Angeles area by Tails Magazine.

Healthy Spot’s Signature Spa Treatment includes:

  • Bath (Full Shampoo, Conditioning, and Massage Treatment)
  • Brush and Hand Drying with Blowout
  • Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands Expression, Nail Clipping


Signature Spa Treatment

Type of Dog Short Hair Long Hair
Petite (up to 20lbs) $35 $40
Small (21-40lbs) $40 $50
Medium (41-60lbs) $50 $60
Large (+61 lbs. & Poodles/Doodles) $60 $70

Complete Spa Treatment with Haircut & Styling

Type of Dog
Petite (up to 20lbs) $65
Small (21-40lbs) $72
Medium (41-60lbs) $85
Large (+61 lbs. & Poodles/Doodles) $99+up

Relaxation Package – $16 add on

The ultimate relaxation at our spa! Starts with an all-natural Calming Tonic to soothe your dog, a Massaging Warm Bath, Blueberry Facial, and a moisturizing Paw Rub.

Deluxe Spa Package – $21 add on

The Best for your Best Friend! Includes a Blueberry Facial, moisturizing Paw Rub, Teeth brushing, and Nail Grinding.

Rescue Special Package

A special for that Special Rescue – For your Rescue adopted within 30 days:

Petite / Small $25 Spa | $50 Haircut
Medium / Large $35 Spa | $60 Haircut

Puppy Special Package

Puppy’s 1st Bath – For your puppy under the age of 5 months:

20 lbs. and under $25 Spa | $40 Face, Feet, and Tail Trim with Spa

21lbs and up $35 Spa | $50 Face, Feet, and Tail Trim with Spa

A La Carte Services

Every dog is unique. Our a la carte services allow you to build a package that perfectly meets your pup’s needs.

Hand StrippingPlease inquire for a consultation and estimate

Face, Feet, and Tail Trim $20 | $10 with any spa package
Face Trim $10 | $5 with any spa package
Feet Trim $10 | $5 with any spa package
Rear Feather Trim $10 | $5 with any spa package
Sanitary Trim $10 | $5 with any spa package
Teeth Brushing $8
Ear Cleaning $8
Ear Hair Removal $8
Nail Clipping $8
Nail Grinding $12 | $8 with any spa package
Moisturizing Paw Rub $10 | $6 with any spa package
Pawticure $20
Soft Paws $30
De-Matting $10 per 15 minutes (Mon-Thu)$15 per 15 minutes (Fri – Sun)

Spa Treatment – Add Ons

* Add Ons are additional services that can be added to Haircuts and Spa Packages – Pricing reflects additional charges and services cannot be performed stand-alone.

Blueberry Facial $10
De-Shedding $12-$21
Medicated/Flea Bath $12-$16
Full Dying & Highlights Please Inquire for a consultation and estimate

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