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Obedience Courses.

Go beyond the typical training course.

Healthy Spot is proud to be the exclusive partner of Jennifer McCarthy’s innovative training courses and educational platform. These 6-week courses will cover all aspects of your canine’s well-being from nutrition to exercise, leadership to confidence, problem solving games, and more. Learn valuable skills and groundbreaking methods that originate from hands-on research of the ancestral wolf in both captive and wild environments. Only a 0.2% difference is found in the DNA of your dog and the wild wolf. Operate like a wolf and unlock your dog’s potential for learning quickly and effectively.

Meet the Wolf Woman

Nationally renowned dog expert and “Trainer to the Stars” Jennifer McCarthy is known as the “Wolf Woman”.  She has appeared on networks such as Bravo, E! Entertainment, National Geographic and National Geographic Wild (to name a few) and has trained for A-list television, film, and music celebrities for over 16 years.

Jennifer has traveled throughout the country and abroad as a live-in dog trainer for some of the world’s most influential people.

Jennifer’s background has included studies and consultation with veterinarians, animal control, K-9 officers, and top breeders; most notably, Enid Quick, top breeder and AKC Judge of thirty-five years who has produced over 100 AKC Champions since 1979. She has also studied underneath Captain Haggerty, former Captain of the U.S. K-9 Corps, renowned author, and “Grandfather of Dog Trainers”.

In addition to Jennifer’s training experience, she has been part of extensive research into wolf behavior in both the wild and captivity observing its impact on domestic dogs.

Jennifer has been an avid volunteer at Mission: Wolf, explorer into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, and has transported wolves across state lines never using tranquilization or catch poles.

She truly is the Wolf Woman. Not a gimmick, but rather an accurate description of the wolf expert, Jennifer McCarthy.

Professionally involved with dogs since 1996, Jennifer’s background stems from four generations of trainers and is widely varied in the fields of:

  • Obedience
  • Behavior
  • Protection/Guard Dog
  • Trick Training for Television and Print
  • Schutzhund
  • AKC handling

We are excited to go “back to the basics” to bring about the best and healthiest relationship between you and your dog.

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Survival of the Pack – 8 Months & Younger

The juvenile stage from (6 wks. to 8 mo.) is a critical time to provide guidance, solidify leadership, optimize socialization and build a basic foundation for your puppy’s development. Not your average class but an essential course for a puppy owner to understand how to build the foundation to set their dog up for maximum success in the future.

  • Equipment Needed: Treats, favorite toy or ball, 6 ft. leash, at collar.
  • The Off-Spring Psyche: A comprehensive 1-hour intro about feral dog & wolf puppy psychology & behavior. View your home as a den and learn to see the world through your dog’s eyes.
  • Socializing 101: Give your puppy the opportunity to learn how to socialize the correct way. Stay in tune with your as well as other dogs’ body language.
  • Effective Problem-Solving: Eliminate bad behaviors with simple solutions and encourage positive behaviors.
  • Setting Rules: Learn how to set rules and boundaries and prevent problems from occurring.
  • The Four Puppy Commandments: Sit, down, down from Standing, and come when called. Master the commands and their importance to your puppy’s well being and development.
  • New Tricks: The paw-shake and roll over. You can always teach your dog new tricks! Learn the basics to teaching your dog tricks in the future.
  • Scent-Savvy: Work on basic scent tracking to understand the power of your dog’s sense of smell and the importance of seeing the world through the nose.
  • The Pack-Family Mentality: Build an environment from the perspective of a Mother or Father wolf and set your dog up for success.

This course will teach you to retain the tools to access your dog’s full potential beyond the 6 weeks of class and the juvenile life stage.


Domestic Dog – Level 1: 8 Months & Older


This class is the beginner’s obedience course and covers basic training commands. Learn to avoid common training mistakes and set the foundation for future learning. Eliminate bad behaviors and encourage positive habits through problem solving. Think like a dog to understand your pet’s behavior and body language and what we communicate through our own physical cues.


    • Equipment Needed: Favorite toy or ball, 6 ft. leash, at collar, 30 ft. long line.


  • Problem Solving and Prevention Techniques: Personal attention throughout the course to address issues and help solve key behavior problems.
  • Comprehensive 1-hour training with Q & A on problem solving techniques.
  • Recommendations on training equipment for your individual dog.
  • Commands: Sit and down using drive and focus, proper sit on the heel, heel command, come when called and introduction to the stay commands.


Spirit of the Wolf – Level 2: 8 Months & Older


Understand the connection between wolf and dog to harness the proper mentality of training and understanding your loyal companion. Dig deeper to awaken the spirit of the wolf and extend a happy and healthy relationship. This course will help you to unlock your dog’s full potential and create a deeper bond and understanding.


    • Equipment Needed: 6 ft. leash, _at collar, 30 ft. long line.




    • The Wolf Psyche: A comprehensive 1-hour intro about dog/wolf psychology and behavior. Learn to see the world through your dog’s eyes.
    • Commands: 5 min. down stay, 3 min. sit-stay, sit and down-stay with distractions, advanced about-turn, finish on the come-when-called, come-when-called with distractions.
    • One with Wolves: Promote a healthy and trouble-free life together using tips from Jennifer’s extensive research and experience living in nature amongst wolves and feral packs of dogs.


    Leader of the Pack – Level 3: 8 Months & Older

    This course takes you and your companion into the world of advanced dog training. Learn to effectively communicate through body language for o-leash training commands. Participating in advanced dog training gives your dog a job to do and a sense of purpose creating a deep bond between you and your best friend.

      • Equipment Needed: 6 ft. leash, at collar, 30 ft. long line.


      • Learn to use your body language and read your dog’s body language as a direct-line of communication.
        Commands: Sit-in-motion, Down-in-motion (emergency down), off-leash commands: heal, sit, down and come when called.
      • Class on further advanced dog training: pursuing dog sports, service work (therapy dog, search and rescue, etc.), outstanding companionship or competition dog training and tracking.


    Note: We welcome any and all dogs with aggressive tendencies into private sessions however, if your dog has such issues, we cannot accept him or her into the class environment until these problems are solved first.

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