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Small Dog Daycare.

Our daycare service offers you peace of mind while providing your pet exceptional care. Experts say that leaving our companions unattended at home can result in behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, tantrums, and loneliness.

Our Doggie Daycare is designed specifically for small dogs. Our mission is to make it the perfect solution for you, their busy owners. That’s why the initial sign-up is quick and easy. All of our dogs are screened for health and behavior. Owners must provide a record of current vaccinations and set up an appointment for a doggie interview upon application. We also require dogs 6-months or older to be spayed or neutered. Because all of our dogs will be spending time with one another, we check and ensure all pups meet our daycare criteria and are ready for happy and healthy interaction with their new friends.

Consider the first day a basic orientation session and chance for your dog to adjust to his or her new surroundings. All of our daycare dogs become a part of the close-knit Healthy Spot family, and our goal is to provide the utmost in personal care for your companion in a friendly, fully supervised, active environment. We will work with you to ensure your dog is in good hands and surrounded by good paws.

Our fully trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff interacts regularly with your dog throughout the day, and provides a walk outdoors in groups of four, every few hours when possible.

With Daycare Dining, we make sure your dog gets refueled and fed during the stay. If your dog needs a little rest, he or she is more than welcome to get comfortable and relax.

We know that you will miss your buddy while you’re gone, which is why we’ve designed the daycare to be visible from inside the store. Not only will you be able to see your dog, your dog will be excited to see you as soon as you return for pick up.

We also offer daycare packages with discounts for our regular visitors. Contact us to see which daycare option works best for you and your little pal.

Benefits of small dog daycare:

  • Constant supervision and quality attention from trained staff members
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Opportunity to play and become social with other dogs
  • Less worry for the owner
  • Active lifestyle with regular exercise and playtime
  • Safe and Inviting Environment
  • Rest and relaxation in between playtime


Half Day (0-6 hours) $30

Full Day (6-12 hours) $45

Note: Multi-dog discount ($5 off for each additional dog)

By the Hour and Overages: $10 per hour

Daycare Packages:

5 Days 5% discount

10 Days 10% discount

20 Days 15% discount + 1 FREE Day

Daycare Dining $3 per dog

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